Code Hosting Code Hosting

  • Are there any limits to service coverage?
  • No. With the proper setup of the direct interconnection channel, which is performed according to the demands of the Operator, you can collect traffic from any line on the telephony network of TIM (the WLR service excludes telephone lines belonging to the exchanges open to the LLU service. For more details, please refer to the WLR Reference Offer). In conclusion, the Code Hosting offer allows you to send traffic to all national and international active destinations over the public network.

  • What types of services are available to the end customers of the Hosted Operator?
  • The Operator hosted in Code Hosting can provide its end customers all the services already provided for by a standard voice call, in harmony with the specifications of the national legislation in force.

  • How are requested the resources made available to the Hosted Operator?
  • Exclusively based on the requirements provided by the Operator, which determines the maximum number of simultaneous conversations provided for the benefit of its customers.The hosting platform is connected to the TIM voice network through the Interconnection Gateway Transit, which consists of scalable  and secure bundle of all the connection resources devoted to individual operators hosted,  to each of which is allotted a portion of processing and memory resources on the Platform; the resources to reserve for each operator may be detailed in accordance with the contents of an Equipment Plan to provide to TI, with content and methods similar to those required for the service of IP Interconnection, and thus appropriately characterising the logical channel to establish (direct ITC), and the corresponding Call Admission Control (CAC) modules to be provided.

  • Can the operator who subscribed to the service have an exclusive relationship with its end customers?
  • If configuring them in Wholesale Line Rental, the answer is yes.Alternatively, the end customers who call in Carrier Selection or configured in Carrier Preselection continue to receive from TIM invoices for phone subscription and traffic that the end customer does not forward  to the Operator; consider, for example, the traffic that the CS or CPS customer generates towards to Non-Geographical Numbers.

  • Can operator that subscribe to the service use their own range of telephone numbers?
  • The Carrier Selection, Wholesale Line Rental and Carrier Preselection services plans  use their native numbers provided by TIM.

  • How are Operator switching requests that are linked to numbers hosted in Code Hosting handled?
  • In the case of Carrier Preselection and Carrier Preselection access services, the end customer is formally presented as a TIM customer. In these configurations, the standard procedure is that the terminating traffic to such CS&CPS customers is managed by TIM.In the case of the Wholesale Line Rental (WLR), the end customer is formally customer of the Operator who concludes a contract directly with the end customer, even in cases where the customer may be acquired by another Operator. As a result, for the acquisition of customers in WLR already active with third party operators, the Operator hosted is required to perform all obligations relevant to Operator Switching. In particular, the Operator must comply with the provisions of Italian Resolution 274/07/CONS and all subsequent related resolutions.To all the customers acquired in WLR, regardless if they are acquired from third party operators, the Operator hosted is also subject to the obligations set out in Resolution 274/07/CONS that governs Operator "donating", such as the management commercial migration codes assigned to customers.

  • How are requests for mandatory services received by the Judicial Authorities handled?
  • Since the numbers CS, CPS and WLR are technically certified to the voice network of TIM, the bodies and authorities may make direct requests to TIM to fulfil particular tasks and duties provided by law, such as legal interception.Therefore, in the scenario of Code Hosting, Operators hosted are free of any liability in relation to the Judicial Authorities.

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