• Who is the TIM Wholesale website for?
  • The website is for all existing and potential TIM Wholesale customers, and serves as an online window above all to present wholesale packages to those who are interested in Telecom Industry products and services. In particular, the packages are designed to permit all companies operating in the telecommunications market to organise their range of services and packages offered to end customers in the most effective way.

  • What security mechanisms are there?
  • The https protocol in addition to digital certificates are used for connections to the restricted area of the portal. The security of the connection is therefore guaranteed. To ensure even greater security, however, we recommend a number of simple precautions:

    • never tell anyone your codes for access to the service 
    • regularly change your password

    log out whenever you leave your workstation.

  • Which browsers are supported?
  • In order to be able to use the portal services, you must have the most recent versions of the browsers listed below installed on your computer: Microsoft Internet Explorer version 8 or higher, Mozilla Firefox version 3.6 or higher, Google Chrome 10 or higher, Apple Safari 4 or higher. Plug-in suggested: Macromedia Flash Player 5 or higher, Microsoft Media Player version 6.0 or higher.

  • When I access the restricted area, does the system display a protection warning
  • The message "The protection certificate has been issued by a Company that we have decided not to consider reliable (‚Ķ..)" in reality does not mean that the website is not protected or is not authentic. It only means that the certificate issued by the Certification Authority of the wholesale portal must be installed. We in any case guarantee that the connection is always subjected to 128 bit encryption even without installing the certificate. You can therefore confidently reply "Yes" to the options proposed by the window.

  • What is the optimum resolution?
  • The portal is optimised for 1024x768 pixel resolution.

  • When I enter my data (UserID and Password) in the Website Customer Area, my registration is shown as not enabled
  • On the homepage of the Portal, in the Customer Area - in the "Forgot Password", you can proceed to Automatic Password Reset.

  • I'm a Tim Wholesale Customer; who can I contact to report problems related to TIM Wholesale Portal?
  • For requests regarding functionalities and systems of TIM Wholesale Portal, you have to open a report through the Wholesale Systems Reporting Tool, in the private area of the site in the Contacts -> TI Contacts section; only in case of unavailability of the website you can send an e-mail to NwsCustomerSupport@telecomitalia.it, signaling the problem.

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