If you wish to offer your customers voice services (Collection, Termination and Transit on the TIM Fixed Telephony Network, Termination on the TIM Mobile Network, Access to the Operator's NNG and Invoicing on behalf of Third Parties) and data services (Bitstream, Bitstream NGA and VULAEasy IP ADSLEasy IP NGA) you can use TIM Wholesale products, even if you do not have your own infrastructure and you do not intend to invest in an access network. It will be possible for you to reach a large number of customers in a very short time with a basic package that can foster their loyalty, laying the foundations for further development.

If you do have your own infrastructure (ULL) you can in any case complement the areas not served by your ULL-based network, by using the WLR service for voice communications and the Bitstream service for data traffic. You can also expand the connectivity services you offer and improve the reliability and quality of your network services if you set up connections on dedicated bands (Dedicated Transport, Optic Connectivity) or using Ethernet technology (Geographical Ethernet Access) to the premises of your end customers.

If you do not have your own infrastructure you can use the WLR in Hosting service (link to the “WLR in Hosting” article published in the December 2010 issue of eOLO ) for voice traffic and, for data traffic, you can use traffic transport and delivery solutions up to your POP.
The services we offer in support of infrastructure management and expansion provide the possibility of transferring the infrastructure usage rights (Installation infrastructures, Dark Fiber in access network and Dark Fiber for connection of POPs or BTSs) and hosting of your equipment at our facilities (Co-location), connecting your end customers directly to your network (ULL-based).

Whether you have your own infrastructure, whether you use the TIM infrastructures, the Interconnection service allows your customers to make/receive calls to/from TIM subscribers or those of other Operators.

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