Those who, like your customers, operate in remote areas where the coverage of fixed telephony communications networks is limited or inexistent, must be able to count on reliable and secure satellite communications

Shipping companies, humanitarian organisations, government agencies, armed forces, news agencies, oil companies and the like need communications services with high quality standards. To satisfy their needs, apply to TIM, the reliable and technologically advanced partner, with which you can confidently face the challenges of the market.

TIM operates, either directly or through commercial partners, in all continents.

We have been supplying offshore mobile satellite (Offshore Roaming), and in flight service as well as services in critical areas since 1979, thanks to the Fucino facility, one of the major nodes in the global satellite communications network.

The TIM tradition in the communications sector has always been synonymous with innovation, to satisfy our customers' needs with the best solutions offered on the market:

messaging services, for transfer of essential data a competitive costs (for example for the logistics and goods transport sector) (Bulk SMS, SMS/MMS Services with surcharge in Decade 4).

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