The variety of services you offer and the development of new opportunities in an extremely competitive market demand a supplier that is ready to satisfy you in all your needs.

Given that we can count on our experience on the Net and our design capacities, we are able to provide personalised "turn-key" solutions and help you build up the range of packages you offer, while ensuring that you are confident that you will have full exposure towards your customers.

As TIM Wholesale customers, you will have the opportunity to be informed on trends and regulatory and technological developments, you will be able to use widespread coverage of the territory and take advantage of the wide range of services available to you.

If you are Internet Service Providers (ISP), in addition to using our Broadband services (Bitstream, Bitstream NGA and VULAEasy IP ADSL), you can enhance your range of products with Ethernet and IP Connectivity (IPLink, IPG@teGeographical Ethernet Access) and Optic Connectivity (Giganet) services which will allow you to sustain an increasing flow of data in scalable mode.

If you are Application Service Providers (ASP) we can put our eight  Data Centers, throughout Italy at your disposal. Your equipment and your data are handled with the guarantees of security and integrity provided by certifications of compliance with the latest international quality standards. Connection between our Data Centers and the Internet is provided by shared or dedicated connections which can be adapted to the quality and speed you wish.

If you operate as Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISP), you can base your network on our Co-location at radio facilities package which can be adapted to your needs with the help of our designers.

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