Wireless And Mobile Operators

Is the market you operate in constantly changing, both due to the growing popularity of services addressed to a broad customer base (Application to Person), and due to the increasingly more pressing need to overcome the “digital divide” and offer access to innovative services throughout the territory?

You will find that TIM Wholesale is a unique interface with the TIM world for the Operators, ready to satisfy all their needs.

It is often necessary for you to construct personalised packages to supply your market with solutions and service levels tailored to their needs. Our design support and the product mix in our catalogue will permit you to become a single supplier to your end customers. By using our connectivity services (Ethernet and IP Connectivity, Optic Connectivity) and using spaces at TIM facilities made available by co-location services, you will be able, for example, to build your transport network.

If you are Wireless Operators and you wish to complete your WIMAX/WiFi/Hypelan network with traditional fixed network solutions (Easy IP, IPLink) without having to invest in infrastructures, you can do so thanks to the connectivity and broadband package.

If you are Mobile Integrators, you can count on SMS management services (SMS Bulk, SMS/MMS Services with surcharge in Decade 4) using a contact without intermediaries with the access Operator that will guarantee all round assistance for you with high level of service.

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