Offshore Roaming Offshore Roaming

  • Does the opening of offshore roaming entail enabling of roaming on the whole TIM mobile network?
  • No, only on the ships on which the Operator and TIM agree to implement the service. Roaming on the TIM land network is inhibited.

  • Is a special telephone required to be able to make calls when offshore?
  • No, a conventional GSM/UMTS telephone connects to the antennas installed on board which in turn are connected to the TIM land network via a satellite connection, transparent to the end customer.

  • What is shown on the customer's display when using the roaming service on board a ship?
  • Customers may see either the number 90126, identifying the TIM offshore network or, on some terminals, an ad hoc string identifying the service (e.g.: TIM GoS), and sometimes the name of the ship.

  • What rates are charged to the customer?
  • The Operator may, at its discretion, charge ad hoc rates for this kind of traffic. The financial transactions between the Operator and TIM are governed in the same way as normal international roaming services.

  • Is data traffic available?
  • No, at present customers using national offshore roaming can use only voice and text services.

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