• Do I need a specific licence to subscribe to the Easy IP offer?
  • To subscribe to the offer, you must be:

    • Operators holding individual licences or general permits for telephone networks and services offered to the public, already in existence when Italian Legislative Decree no. 259, 1 August 2003, concerning "Electronic Communications Code" came into force (pursuant to art. 38 of the Code);
    • Companies holding general permits for telephone networks and services offered to the public in accordance with art. 25 of the above-mentioned Legislative Decree no. 259/2003. 
  • What annual volume must Operators guarantee to qualify for the offer?
  • No minimum volumes are required.

  • What kind of technical infrastructure must Operators install to provide proxy/server visibility?
  • TIM Proxy Radius servers can be reached from the public Internet, therefore any IP access infrastructure with public addressing (static) can be used to provide visibility between the Radius servers.

  • What is meant by a “naked line”?
  • A “naked line” is a copper access line with no RTG/ISDN/WLR voice service. It is a line used exclusively for the ADSL data service.

  • Is an extra monthly “naked” ADSL line fee charged on top of the standard asymmetrical ADSL rental fee?
  • The monthly rental for a naked ADSL line (at April 2010 it this is 18.72 euros/month) is the same as the monthly rental for a shared ADSL line (at April 2010 this is 8.00 euros/month), with an additional retail minus component (at April 2010 it this is 10.72 euros/month).

  • Can the band's MCR be personalised?
  • The band's minimum cell rate (MCR) cannot be personalised but you can choose a band speed associated to each ADSL line profile, from the range of profiles included in the EASY IP service.

  • How can the present consistency currently hosted by another Operator be migrated?
  • The present consistency currently hosted by another Operator can be migrated by means of the access Operator switching procedures, pursuant to Resolution 274/07/CONS and subsequent integrations and amendments, if the end customer switches to another Access Operator. On the contrary, if the end customer does not switch to another Access Operator but there is a resale agreement between two Operators, the present consistency currently hosted by another Operator can be migrated by means of a transfer agreement.

  • How much does Operator-to-Operator migration cost?
  • The following fees are charged to the Recipient Operator for Access Operator switching transactions:

    • a fee of 46.66 euros (price valid at April 2010) if the service requested by the Recipient Operator is another asymmetric Bitstream access;
    • the specific activation fee for the service requested by the Recipient Operator if the service requested is not asymmetric Bitstream access. 
  • In the event of relocation of a telephone line, will the ADSL service be relocated too?
  • No, relocation of an active telephone service with Operator X does not automatically trigger a relocation order for the ADSL Bitstream service in operation with Operator Y (even if different from X).

  • How many days from the activation request does it take to execute the order?
  • The order is executed within 40 days.

  • How many hours after receiving a report of a malfunction can TI guarantee a return to normal service?
  • Return to normal service is guaranteed within 32 hours.

  • Can a TIM Wholesale Voip service be run through the ADSL?
  • Question not relevant to the EASY IP service; Indeed, if a wholesale VoIP service exists, this question should be included in the ad hoc offers section.

  • What are the prices for the Easy IP service?
  • The prices are available upon request by contacting your Wholesale Account Manager.

  • Can I get naked ADSL?
  • Yes, the Easy IP ADSL service is marketed both on shared and naked ADSL lines.

  • How do I submit orders to activate Easy IP ADSL lines?
  • Orders to activate Easy IP ADSL lines can be submitted after signing a specific agreement, by accessing the restricted area of the TIM Wholesale portal, both in individual order mode (from the GUI interface), and in batch mode (submitting of multiple orders by file).

  • What is the Customer Care number?
  • The Customer Care number is: 800 54 54 10.

  • How can I become an Operator/ISP?
  • To become an Operator, a subject belonging to the EU or to a country where full reciprocity conditions in the TLC field are applied, must do as follows:

    Art. 24 Legislative Decree no. 259 dated 01/08/2003

    General authorisation for electronic communications networks and services

    The company must submit a declaration made personally by the owner or by the legal representative of the legal person, or by subjects delegated by them, to the Ministry stating the intention of beginning to supply electronic communications networks or services, together with the information strictly necessary to permit the Ministry to keep an updated list of suppliers of electronic communications networks and services, to be published on its Official Bulletin and on its website. This declaration serves as a notice of commencement of the business and must comply with the form given in appendix no. 9. The company is authorised to begin its business as from the date of submission of the declaration and in compliance with the regulations on rights of use established in articles 27, 28 and 29. The Ministry, no later than sixty days after submission of the declaration, must automatically check whether the prerequisites and requirements are met and, if necessary, provide for the issue of a duly motivated order prohibiting continuation of business to be notified to the persons concerned no later than the same deadline. Listing in the Communications Register pursuant to art. 1 of Law no. 249 dated 31 July 1997 is required for companies holding authorisations.

    All of the above in return for payment of administration fees and dues set forth in articles 34 and 35 of the decree and in compliance with what is stated in art. 28 of the same document.

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