• How many IPv4 addresses can I request?
  • The customer can request four free IP addresses, belonging to TIM's Autonomous System and congruent with TIM's current addressing policies. The customer can request eight additional IP addresses for a fee. The eight additional IP addresses are not consecutive. In this second case, the IP configuration between the Customer Router and the TIM Router will be done by static routing. Optionally the Operator can request a larger number of IP addresses: in this case, the allocation of IP addresses is subject to a feasibility study and the possible presentation of a project from which the customer's needs emerge and in any case following the suggestion of RIPE (Réseaux IP Européens); TIM reserves the right to assign the number of IP addresses deemed appropriate to the Customer's network type.

  • Is it possible to activate IPG@TE on pre-existing connections?
  • No, you need a new connection that ends on a node in the TIM IP backbone.

  • Is it possible to request the configuration of IPv6 addresses?
  • Yes, in dual-stack mode, which involves configuring IPv4 and IPv6 addresses simultaneously.

  • Is it possible to protect access from DDoS-type hacker attacks?
  • Yes, through the CleanPipe option. It can be activated either in reactive mode (the customer under attack opens a trouble ticket) or in automatic proactive mode (protection is activated automatically when downstream traffic exceeds set thresholds).

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