• Is it possible to ask for more than 16 IPv4 addresses?
  • No. At the moment, the shortage of IPv4 classes makes it impossible to assign a more than 4 IP free addresses. Further 8 IP addresses can be assigned, with a 10 € fee per month.

  • Is it possible to announce IP address classes that do not belong to the Operator owning the IPG@TE connection?
  • Yes, but these classes must be announced on the IPG@TE connection through BGP.

  • Is it possible to activate IPG@TE on existing GEA, ELIoS and GIGANET connections?
  • No, the connectivity on which the IPG@TE service is based must be connected to an access node of the TIM IP backbone.

  • After the IPG@TE service has been activated for a given bandwidth, is it possible to increase it without disservice?
  • Yes, the band is generally supplied on the 1 Gbps port of the access nodes to the backbone on which, by using the CAR (Committed Access Rate) parameter, it is possible to limit the bandwidth to the desired level. Modifying this parameter does not require any work on the network but only the sending of software commands to the access node care. 

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