• What does visibility of the TIM customer base mean?
  • IPLOOK Customers granted the visibility of the AS3269 aggregates, the AS of the Customers and/or of the internal networks (Data Centers, TIN, TIM,…) and lastly the Customers with public ASs.

  • Can I receive the service if I do not have a public IP address?
  • If customers do not have IP addresses, that is they do not have their own Autonomous System, they can also request assignment of IP addresses (for IPv4 subject to verification of availability).

  • Can the service be delivered only if the customer has IPv4 addresses?
  • The service can be delivered even to customers with public IPV6 addresses in that the termination nodes “operate” in dual stack mode.

  • How many bandwidth sizes are provided?
  • The minimum size provided is 100 Mbps, and the maximum is 4 Gb/s with granularity of 100 Mb/s (that is 100 Mb/s, 200 Mb/s, etc.). Needs higher than 4 Gbps can be satisfied with ad hoc projects for the customer.

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