Value Added SMS and MMS Services Value Added SMS and MMS Services

  • Is the Decade 4 premium-charged SMS/MMS service already available?
  • Yes, the service has been available since 1 February 2010 for all holders of public Decade 4 numbers.

  • What governs the Framework Agreement?
  • The Framework Agreement is an agreement signed by various fixed and mobile telephony Operators, including TIM, which defines the roles and responsibilities of the Service Provider (SP) and of the Access Provider (AP), as well as the basic technical, management, sales and legal issues that govern relationships between these two parties for the purposes of access by customers of the AP to D4 numbers owned by the SP. To permit the effective start-up of the service between an SP and a TIM AP, an Implementation Agreement must be signed between the two parties referring to the principles of the Framework Agreement and defining, amongst other things: the financial terms and conditions, invoicing method and penalties.

  • How is the interconnection between the Service Provider and TIM provided from a technical point of view?
  • TIM provides an interface (“outbound interface”) based on the UCP protocol which permits interworking with its VAS platform. TIM provides the documentation required for development of the SP side of the interface and technical support during the test and trial phase.

  • Is the outbound interface shared by all the mobile Access Providers?
  • No, each Access Provider has its own outbound interface.

  • How are Service Provider services provisioned on the TIM platforms?
  • Provisioning of Service Provider services on the TIM platforms requires the submitting of service requests in a special format that describes the technical characteristics of the service that the SP intends to deliver to TIM end customers. These requests contain, amongst other things, information regarding: numbers to be used, pricing, type of service, method of opting in or out of the service, syntax to be used to opt into the service by MO-SMS.

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