LLU, VLLU and Shared Access LLU, VLLU and Shared Access

  • To carry out Number Portability (or when a customer terminates voice services with TIM) on Shared Access, is it necessary to change the termination block in the TIM exchange?
  • No, a request by an end customer to TIM for NP or for termination of the subscription involves termination of the voice component and therefore elimination of distribution for that component, while data distribution is not affected. Therefore the customer remains distributed on the POTS splitter block. In such cases the service becomes Data LLU.

  • What is the difference between the equipment chain for data LLU and normal LLU?
  • The equipment chain for the two services is the same except for the exchange connector block which, for data LLU, has a splitter, while in the case of normal LLU it does not.

  • Does the VLLU numbering remain that of TIM?
  • Yes, until portability is requested, which normally happens when the service becomes LLU+NP.

  • Who manages the Single DB for VLLU numbering?
  • Requirements regarding supply of data to the Single DB are passed over to the Operator when it acquires a customer with VLLU.

  • Is disabling of “value added” numbers automatic for customers with VLLU?
  • No, it must be requested in a specific additional agreement in the VLLU contract, which is supplied together with the draft VLLU contract or may be requested after signing the contract itself.

  • Which sites can provide the LLU/Shared Access service?
  • Unbundled access services are potentially offered on the whole of the TIM network. The only condition is that the Operator must have requested co-location at the exchange facilities where it intends to apply for supply of LLU/Shared Access lines. In other words, “coverage” for the service is provided at co-located exchanges and these are listed in the Facilities Database, available on the Wholesale portal. This coverage may be extended by applying for the co-location service at exchanges not yet co-located.

  • Can I obtain Shared Access at a facility where the TIM Bitstream service is not offered?
  • Yes, provided that you have requested co-location at the exchange facilities where you intend to apply for supply of Shared Access lines.

  • When the urban distribution frame for the LLU facility is saturated, how can we continue to market LLU? Can we use WLR?
  • Yes, the WLR service can be used instead of LLU when saturation of the urban distribution frame makes setting up of a new LLU connection impossible.

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