• What are the criteria for considering a facility open for Wholesale Line Rental (WLR)?
  • In order to be considered available for Wholesale Line Rental (WLR), a facility (PCP Cabinet) must not have been "open" for unbundled access services to the local TIM network for over a year. In particular, PCP cabinets in which up to 50 lines are operating in unbundled mode are considered "open" for WLR. It is still possible to apply for activation of WLR in the 12 months after "opening" of the facility to unbundled access services.

  • Is a list of sites open for Wholesale Line Rental (WLR) available?
  • Based on the regulations governing the Wholesale Line Rental (WLR) service, every quarter TIM is required to publish a list of its PCP facilities "open" for the unbundled access service with more than 50 lines operating (facilities closed to WLR). This list is available in the area of the Wholesale Portal restricted to Operators (Utility/Form and Documentation/Voice Services section) and gives the date on which each facility was "opened" to unbundled access services. The last year for which the facility in question is open to the WLR service begins from that date. Therefore, all the facilities not included in the list and those showing a date more than a year previous are "open" for WLR.
    The Restricted Area of the Wholesale Portal, in the Utility section, provides a “Pre-sales Analysis”, where it is possible to check whether WLR of individual lines (operating or not operating) can be sold.

  • Do Customers who have ISDN have to continue paying rental to TIM for the socket or is it charged to the Operator?
  • Customers who have ISDN do not have to continue paying rental to TIM. In fact, as from the date in which the WLR service is activated with an ISDN-type access, the rental for the socket, when due, is charged to the Operator as the fee for WLR and charges to the end customer by TIM Retail cease.

  • Where hosting (hosted WLR) is concerned, can hosted operators directly enter orders using OP_ID code, even if the host, in turn, has the WLR in operation?
  • Yes, on the following conditions:

    a) the OP_ID_Hosted field is configured in the Host's Equipment Plan;
    b) an extract of the WLR hosting contract (between the Host and Hosted parties), in which an agreement that the hosted party may enter its own orders is clearly stated, must be attached to the Hosted WLR agreement stipulated between the Host and TIM.

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