Line Fast Check Line Fast Check

  • What is required in order to subscribe to the Line Fast Check service?
  • To benefit from the offer, a Bitstream xDSL/NGA and/or VULA (FTTH/FTTC) and/or EasyIP (ADSL/NGA) service must already be in place, and the operator must subscribe to the agreement and the offer, both when only the free profile is required and when the free profile and fee-based profile are required.

  • Is it possible to request the free profile in the first instance, and then add the fee-based profile later?
  • Yes. In this instance, the operator simply needs to sign the offer letter which details the fee-based profile and relevant financial terms and conditions. 

  • What information can be detected by the service on the NGASP system?
  • Line alignment parameters, degradation measurements, termination equipment status on the end customer side and the central side, status of the delivery kit.

  • What are the prices?
  • The prices are available on request; please contact your sales representative (Account Manager Wholesale). 

  • How many fee-based profiles can I request?
  • It is only possible to subscribe one fee-based profile.

  • Is it possible to choose from any of the fee-based profiles available?
  • NO. The operator may subscribe to the fee-based profile whose maximum number of queries per API is not in excess of 5 times the maximum number of queries per free profile.

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