Access, connectivity, interconnection, platform and digital services

Wholesale is the TIM Division created for offering Customers a wide range of services thanks to a technological excellence network extending over the whole of Italian territory.

Wholesale makes available to every Customer evolved technology, know-how and a specialised commercial and technical team, capable of developing complex plans with a customised and flexible approach. A quality Partner for supporting its customers' businesses thanks to the calibre of the TIM network and a solid capacity for innovation. This is a vision always directed towards the future which believes in digital transformation as the principal tool for economic growth and improvement and for simplification of companies' activities.

Always connected with each customer's business

Wholesale services are aimed principally at:

  • Fixed and Mobile Network Operators, Service Providers, ICT Companies in Italy and Web Agencies (1)

  • Italian and Foreign Over the Top Providers operating in Italy (2)

Unique services for continuous innovation

Distributed throughout Italian territory, the Wholesale sales team is made up of highly competent professionals, with both technical and commercial skills, to look after Wholesale customers using their understanding of the customer's specific needs, seeking the most suitable solutions, until the project is completed.

The Wholesale offer is complete and integrated to satisfy multiple requirements: 

  • Broadband
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • Optic, voice and data
  • Interconnection
  • Infrastructure
  • Data Centres
  • Cloud services
  • Digital platforms
  • Messaging

A broad range of services and continual research to improve service levels, thanks also to a constant programme of measuring the Customer Experience.

Wholesale offers its customers a new equivalence model which expands its guarantees of equality of treatment to offer a greater quality of service and to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of its performance.

Innovation consistent with the principles of ethics and transparency of the TIM world, aimed at ensuring compliance with national and international regulations and full protection of the market.


We listen to the customer to design and create the future

 (1) Operators holding individual licences or general permits for telecommunications networks and services offered to the public, already in existence when Italian Legislative Decree no. 259 of 1 August 2003, setting out the "Electronic Communications Code", came into force (pursuant to Art. 38 of the Code), as last amended by Legislative Decree No. 70 of 28 May 2012, and offered to companies holding general permits for electronic communication networks and services, pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 259 of 1 August 2003, as last amended by Legislative Decree no. 70 of 28 May 2012.
 (2) For IP interconnection and other Wholesale services