• Is it possible to subscribe at the same time for Bitstream NGA offer and VULA offer ?
  • Yes, both contracts have to be signed and the Operator need to be interconnected to TIM network according the specific features provided by the two services(TIM exchange node with OLT installed for VULA service; Interconnection Point Nodes in the case of the NGA Bitstream service).

  • Is it possible to deliver the Bitstream NGA and/or the Bitstream Ethernet service on a VULA delivery kit ?
  • It is not possible. The VULA delivery kit can only be used to deliver the VULA service.

  • Can the VULA delivery kit be shared among different OAOs ?
  • No, it cannot. Any OAO must request VULA delivery on a desired suitable exchange node independently from all the other OAOs. If other OAOs are getting VULA on the same exchange node, any new delivery kit for further OAOs will be connected to the same VULA delivery switch installed by TIM, but service delivery will be independent for any connected OAO.

  • Which are the available nodes for the delivery of the VULA service ?
  • The delivery of the VULA service can be requested for any exchange node (active and/or planned) where an OLT is located: such exchange nodes are listed (resp.) in the “Centrali NGA attive (pianificate)” files. Briefly, the available nodes for the delivery of the VULA service are all the published TIM exchange nodes where an OLT is located.

  • What is a “naked” FTTCab line ?
  • A “naked” FTTCab/FTTE line is a FTTCab/FTTE line without a PSTN/WLR service. So, it is a line where only the VDSL2/EVDLS data connectivity is provided. FTTCab/FTTE lines can be requested both in “naked” mode and in “shared” mode, the latter being the presence of a PSTN/WLR service together with data connectivity.

  • What is a “shared” FTTCab/FTTE line ?
  • A ”shared” FTTCab/FTTE line is a line with both a POTS/WLR service (provided by TIM through its PSTN network) and a VDSL2/EVDSL data connectivity service provided through the Bitstream NGA or VULA service.

  • Is it possible to activate VDSL2 data connectivity over an ISDN line ?
  • It is not possible. In other words, it is not possible to have a “shared” FTTCab/FTTE line with an ISDN service. In this case, the delivery of the data connectivity service requires the activation of a dedicated “naked” FTTCab/FTTE line.

  • Is it possible to activate a FTTH line with a PSTN/WLR service (i.e. a “shared” FTTH line) ?
  • It is not possible. FTTH lines can be requested only in “naked” mode. 

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